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Tips For Nailing Your Engagement Photos

If you’ve found your way to this post then a resounding “CONGRATULATIONS!” is in order. What an exciting time for you and your partner! Maybe a bit stressful too? We suggest laying off the Pinterest searches for a little while and taking a walk to bask in the feeling of marrying your partner instead ( We know, we know- there is so much to do. Like engagement photos for one. Trust us, we’ve got you covered with some great tips below!


Deciding where to take your engagement photos can be a fun way to practice planning for your big day. Like your wedding day, you want your photos to be a reflection of your personalities and your love for one another. Is Yosemite your perfect vacay or the local brewery scene more of your style? Are you on a never-ending search for all of the great eats in your city? Or would you rather glam it up for a 5-star evening out? Going back and recreating your first date might be just the cheesy thing you and your love would do. Consider all of these things when selecting your location. Whatever your choice, be sure it’s a place you can be yourselves together and get some great photos to announce your engagement to the world!


Just like choosing a backdrop for your engagement photos, choosing a style should be all about the two of you. What is your style? What are you comfortable in? How can you coordinate without being matchy-matchy (or maybe that’s your thing and if so, ADORABLE!). Consider using this as an opportunity to channel wedding day vibes and wear a more whimsical version of your wedding day look. Whether you choose casual, formal, or something in between, be sure as a couple you’re at the same level. Jeans and a t-shirt on one person, while the other is in cocktail, will not add up. (WARNING: shameless plug ahead!) If you’re still stuck on what to wear, consider using a service like ours where we will do all of the styling for you!


So remember when we said to lay off the Pinterest scrolling? Yep, here too! Don’t get us wrong- Pinterest is an amazing tool to utilize in your planning and full of endless examples of perfect engagement photos that you are dying to create for yourselves. But when it comes to your photos if you’re aiming to recreate another couple’s poses or outfits or location, then your love is getting lost in the mix and your final shots will not reflect what’s true for you as a couple. Instead, consider scheduling your photos on a day when you’ve had a chance to connect- after a date or when you’ve had a couple of hours to be together. If you’re getting pictures taken after a busy workday, it’s not going to be easy to wipe the stress off your face and get all lovey-dovey. Additionally, consider writing out your love story and submitting it to your photographer. Sharing details of your story will help them capture the love you share and help you both to open up and be yourselves.

We hope these key tips help you to achieve the engagement photos you're looking for. Let us know what tips you’d share in the comments below. And, as always, feel free to reach out to us to take the hassle out of styling your engagement photos and find the perfect look for your upcoming photoshoot!

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