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Picking Your Family's Photo Style

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Here comes Spring! Can you feel it in the air? Lots of you might be thinking about your upcoming family photos. Picking outfits for everyone can be hard for some of you, and we get it. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with these awesome tips!


Let’s face it, Mama, you are never in any pictures because you are ALWAYS the one taking the pictures (and selfies with your littles don’t count)! Now is the time for you to take the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. Pick a dress you love (yes, a DRESS- you’ll feel gorgeous!). Find one that makes you look in the mirror, again and again, like, “Who’s that?!”. Oh, we know who that is. TIP: find a dress with a waist that’s figure-flattering. Shift dresses are comfy, we know, but they’re not always kind to us in pictures, unfortunately. Finding your outfit is a great starting point that makes getting the other pieces together a little easier. Plus, it’s way more fun to build your family’s look around something you can’t wait to wear!


Now that you know what you are going to wear it’s time to create a color palette around that amazing dress you’ve chosen! Start by looking for 2-3 colors that compliment your look. If your dress is more of a neutral shade (think white, navy, grey) then be sure to pick two pops of color (unless, of course, you're going for a neutral look like the pics above). If your dress is the pop of color, find the shades that let it be the star of the show. Pinterest can be a great resource if you’re not sure what colors work together. Take the seasons into account and don’t forget to consider your location. We’ve actually got an awesome blog post that dives into this so be sure to check it out for more tips!


Once you’ve chosen your dress and nailed down 2-3 more complementary colors in your palette, you can get to shopping for the rest of the family (or, better yet- shop your closets to save some dough and put it towards an epic photographer!). If choosing patterns, be sure to keep them small so they don’t take over the photo. Additionally, try to add interesting layers or accessories that will bring texture and depth to the photo. Think vests, light cardigans, or (our personal favorite on the little guys) bow ties. If everyone is just wearing a top and a bottom the end result may fall a bit flat so keep that in mind. Additionally, stay away from things that scream TRENDY! Let’s get you a family portrait that will stand the test of time.

So, there you have it- our steps to nail down your family’s photo style. We hope it helps to keep you from stressing out when it comes time to plan your look. Have any tips you want to add??? Be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

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