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Family Photos: How to Choose Your Color Palette

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Do you ever look at those beautifully curated color palettes on Pinterest and think, "Cheese and sprinkles, where do they find the time?!" Maybe you’re just not sure what colors compliment each other. There is so much that goes into planning your family photos and this is one of the big details we really want to nail. Being able to look back on that framed photo hanging in your living room with fond memories is what really matters and we’re here to help make this an easy event for you!


Start by finding inspiration from the season. Rich jewel tones in the fall and winter months can capture the coziness of the season while light pastels will welcome spring. Summer calls for bright colors and crisp whites while neutrals are great for any time of the year. Are your pictures around the holidays? Try adding elements that highlight this while keeping the picture timeless and not too seasonal as your photos will be displayed year-round and no one wants to see Santa hats in June (except for that one crazy-for-all-that-is-Christmas friend we all have).


A quick way to find a color palette for your family is to shop at stores that cater to everyone. From Old Navy and Target to J. Crew and Nordstrom, these stores can be a one-stop shop. Additionally, you’ll have no trouble finding seasonal shades that flow well and compliment each other effortlessly. If you’re still unsure, take advantage and ask a store associate. They know their inventory and will get you set up in no time (trust us- we've worked retail and those stock rooms are the stuff of nightmares).


Are you heading to a sandy beach for your family photos? Maybe a wooded area with beautiful green foliage. Wherever you end up, choosing colors that can complement your location is important. Neutrals are beautiful on the beach, but remember to choose shades that make you stand out from the background. Similarly, you want to be sure to avoid clashing with your surroundings. Keep this in mind when choosing loud patterns or shades.


While it may seem silly to take home decor into consideration when choosing your color palette it’s something that should be factored in. Your home decor usually reflects your personal style and the color palette you choose should do the same. Just like we mentioned above in considering the seasons when picking your colors, you want your photos to have a timeless look that won't seem out of place (this won't be as necessary for black and white photos, however).

Now that you’ve got plenty of tips to tackle this task you are on your way to getting your family photos styled beautifully (and without too much trouble, we hope)! If you still feel overwhelmed or are short on time be sure to reach out to us and we’ll do all of the stylings for you. Or head over to our style guide where we have you covered with our curated color palettes and pre-selected clothing for the whole family!

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