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Wardrobe Capsule Guide

Have a closet full of clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear? You're in the right place. Our new wardrobe capsule guide makes getting dressed a breeze!

Getting dressed has never been easier...


Download the guide

After you purchase the guide a pdf book will arrive in your inbox. Look through the pieces that we suggest and decide what you already have and what you need to buy. 


Purchase your pieces

We have made this a cinch. Simply click each piece in the guide that you want to purchase. It will take you directly to the website where you can add to cart. Once your pieces arrive, you are ready!

Person holding new shoes


Pick your occasion

What does your day hold? Are you feeling more casual staying home or do you have work and are meeting friends for dinner later? Whatever it is we've got you covered! Outfit cards are organized by casual, semi-casual/workwear, and dressy categories. Simply find the style type you need and follow the outfit card instructions.


Look and feel your best!

Our wardrobe capsule guide takes out the stress from getting dressed. Instead, you can focus on what is most important, feeling your best and tackling all that you need every day. Make your life easier and get your guide today!


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What's Included in the Style Guide

Color Palettes

We have picked a seasonal color palette that will make all your outfits work together. All you do is pick which items you need to purchase, the outfits are already there and styled for you.

Style Cards

30 Professionally curated style cards. Just decide if you need something casual, semi-casual/workwear, or dressy. Then follow the instructions on the style card.

Style Tips

No need to worry about how or what to wear. We have everything listed in a simple easy-to-follow format. Think of it as a plug-and-play style for your everyday outfit.


We curate outfit guides by season. This way you are wearing items that are classic, on-trend, and perfect for the time of year we're in. Planning done for you will definitely put a smile on your face.

Think of us as your personal stylist without the hefty price tag. $500 of value for an $80 price tag.


How do I receive my PDF Guide?

After purchasing you will receive an e-mail with the guide for you to download. 

What is the price range for the suggested clothes?

Prices have a broad range from $20 dollars to $150 depending on the item. We recommend using pieces that you already have (for example if you have black skinny jeans, don't buy a new pair) Some stores we style from are Madewell, Loft, Express, Nordstrom, Mango, Old Navy, Banana Republic Factory, and Kohls. 

What if inventory runs out for the pieces that you suggest?

Because we are not affiliated with the stores we link to, we cannot guarantee that inventory.

As is normal, inventory ebbs and flows throughout the season.

We do give tips and suggestions for how to use pieces you already have in your wardrobe. This is meant to be a guide so if you don't like a certain item or if the inventory for the linked item is sold out, you can always use the chosen style as an example of what to look for when to find another piece that will work just as well.


Download Now

We make sure our styles stay current and fresh. Because of this, our guides are only available seasonally and for a limited time. Make sure to get your copy today!

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